Full Steam Ahead

In my world this is the end of the year! Just had a wonderful Open Studios Event and I am about to head of on a well earned holiday visiting my brother in Korea : )

2016-06-30 16.07.13

It went like a dream! 6 of us, three ceramics, two painters and a glass artist. We had a constant stream of visitors and lots of nice cake : )







2016-06-25 09.15.44

Much of my work was made at dawn & dusk because the teaching has been so busy recently …

Pottery Classes and Workshops

2016-06-15 21.20.56

A massive advantage to the studio is having everything at your fingertips. A last minute Raku firing to get the work finished!

2016-06-16 08.49.25

My little sanity check has been heading out with lovely friend Tim Collard for drawing days in the country


2016-06-15 15.00.18-1


2016-06-15 14.59.48-1

Me looking tired : (

2016-07-10 16.38.48

Another little treat was a day out in Oxford, I discovered this guy: https://www.artsy.net/artist/ibrahim-el-salahi

KALEIDOSCOPE: Mystics and Rationalists

2016-07-10 16.47.36

I loved this instalation by Amy Sillman and also wall drawings by Sol Lewitt. Inspiring!

2016-07-10 16.42.42

Ok, gotta go…….. back soon xx


Spring in to ACTION!

It has been a while, I grant you, … so much has passed. Glad to see the back of winter, I am a serious hibernator!

Spring always jettisons me in to action. I love waking early with the light and getting on with the things I have been dreaming about for an age. Like this blog!


I have managed a bit of the all important Play Time : ) Drawing and messing just for the sake of it …. a nice contrast to all the ‘grown-up’ stuff I have to face in a week. All artists face some form of balance issue it would seem. Where ever you are in the pecking order of life there you will find obligation and duty in some form. Very frustrating at times but the art is to find a way to do it anyway ……

'Artists Way Everyday'
‘Artists Way Everyday’

Luckily I have recently stumbled upon a support circle, a collection of ladies studying The Artist Way http://juliacameronlive.com/

With the velocity of other artists, including https://twitter.com/lindseyaarcher I am jogging along now.

The beginning of two 'dinosaurs'
The beginning of two ‘dinosaurs’
Coiling up and up....
Coiling up and up….

https://www.warwickshireopenstudios.org has come around again so I am busy making creations with the working title ‘Dinosaurs’. References to chakras and emotions but forms inspired by bones and musical instruments.


Tim Collard, http://timcollard.wix.com/fineartist and I have been out drawing again. We were lucky with the weather : )

Whitley Court – picture by Tim

http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/witley-court-and-gardens/ A beautiful but eerie place …

2016-05-06 09.09.19
The fountain at Whitley Court

Inspiration everywhere!

Currently reading ‘Sticky Wisdom’, recommended by a good friend.

Sticky Wisdom
Sticky Wisdom

Aimed at innovation in business, there are so many cross overs with The Artists Way.  I can feel it influencing my day job at http://theceramicsstudio.co.uk/ so life is good. To be Continued …